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You can get the self-extracting archive ebobinst.exe here.

Who (or what) is eBob?
You know the friend you have who tells really good stories but you realize as time goes on that his best stories often seem to contain bits of things you told him, choice bits from your childhood and mischievious school nights? eBob is an electronic version of such a friend.

You tell eBob stories. eBob listens to your stories, combines them with stories it already knows, and produces random new ones.

For children it can be a toy to help them practice their writing and reading skills. eBob (who for them might seem more like an electronic Brilliant Orange Blob from outer space maybe) is a great listener, and because it bases its stories on their own examples it naturally molds itself to each child’s reading level.  The user interface is simple. There is a single sliding control the player can use to adjust how mischevious eBob feels that day.

For adults it can be an interesting tool to explore language patterns. You can load in some Shakespeare text or your favorite on-line romance novel, and play with the slider to see how mixed up the letters and words can get while still remaining Shakespearean or romantic. Or you can see if you can really tell the difference between modern poetry and random gibberish.

Another friendly product from James Spyker and the 2x4 Group

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