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What is PlayPeriod?
Play Period is a brain teasing sort of puzzle where you try to determine the set of simple sine waves responsible for creating a complex composite wave. The important thing to point out right away is that this guessing game turns out to be more fun and intriguing than you (or I) would expect it to be.

In some cases it will be quite simple to figure out. It can be straight forward to see the components when a wave with a high period is added to a wave with a low period. It will look as if a squiggly line (the high period wave) is being used to draw the low period wave.

When a couple of the waves have very similar periods though, things can get a little complex,when the waves begin to beat with each other. Two waves with similar low periods can appear to  be an irregular wave of a much higher period.

You play the game by guessing the period of the simple waves. The waves specified by your guesses are subtracted from the composite wave form. Each guess you make that is correct should make the composite form seem more simple, as it will now be the sum of a lesser number of simple waves.

Of course,  if you have specified guesses that are wrong you are making the composite wave even more complicated.

The thing I have found most fun about this game is acquiring a feel for the complexity of a waveform. Again, I want to mention at this point that I would never have expected that there would be anything fun about this. I was surprised as you will be when you try it out for yourself. Anyway, I hope this is enough to make you interested enough to actually play around with the game.

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