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What is RoboGuilt?
There are a variety of good tools to help remind you of the events that you really want to remember. RoboGuilt is the first tool designed to help you remember the things you are sort of trying to forget.

RoboGuilt keeps track of a series of events and activities and each day asks you whether or not you have completed everything for that day. And then, if there are some things you didnít manage to do, it sends emails to all the people on your guilt list letting them know what you didnít achieve.

This maybe sounds cruel. That in itself is a good motivator. But so is acceptance.  Donít pretend that you exercise three times a week without fail, or that you did remember to send that birthday card to your aunt, or do your monthly defrosting of the refrigerator like it says in the manual.  Share your sloth and slovenliness with your friends.

RoboGuilt really is all about creating a sense of community, maybe even of family. Or not. I guess Iím not really sure what it is for, metaphysically. But it is fun.

Another friendly product from James Spyker and the 2x4 Group

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